China to Execute Three Filipino Drug Traffickers

China will still execute the three Filipino drug traffickers despite the delay in their execution last month. This statement was given by Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Liu Jianchiao last Thursday, March 17, 2011. According to the Chinese official, the verdict is final and “everything will be done in accordance with the Chinese laws”.

Although the new date of execution was not given, the “penalty will be carried out sooner or later”, said Ambassador Jianchiao.

The three Filipinos, two women and one man, were convicted of death sentence due to heroin smuggling in 2008.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government does not want to lose hope over the case. Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario ensured that the they will exhaust all means to commute the sentence from death to life imprisonment.

Last February 2011, Vice President Jejomar Binay sought mercy for the three Filipinos which led the Chinese court to postpone the execution. The three convicted Filipino drug traffickers are only among the 227 Filipinos imprisoned in China due to drug related issues.

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