Charlie Sheen, Mariah Carey: Next American Idol Judges?

Are Charlie Sheen and Mariah Carey eyed as the next American Idol Judges?

Rumors abound that Charlie Sheen is interested in being an American Idol judge, while Mariah Carey is reportedly being seriously considered by American Idol.

Mariah Carey
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Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Adam Lambert’s names came also into the picture, as Steven Tyler confirmed that he was no longer going back to American Idol, and Jennifer Lopez stated that it might be time for her to leave the show.

Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert and Charlie Sheen would be a new flavor into the show. It would be interesting to watch the three agree and disagree with their judgment.

Mariah, Adam and Randy Jackson would; however be better than the former trio because Randy would act as the fulcrum or stabilizer.

What would be the opinions of winner Phillip Phillips, runner-up Jessica Sanchez and the rest of the Top 10 American Idol finalists?

Who would be the next American Idol judges? A million dollar question.

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