CHARLI – 2 Robot Dances Gangnam Style

Now, even a robot like, CHARLI – 2, is programmed to dance Psy’s legendary Gangnam Style. According to RoMeLaVT of Virginia Tech that uploaded the video on YouTube on October 19, 2012:

“CHARLI-L2 is also designed to participate in the autonomous robot soccer competition, RoboCup, in the Adult size league.”

CHARLI stands for Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence- version 2. It is a part of humanoid robots created by Robotics and Mechanism Laboratory (RoMeLa) since 2011. The series of CHARLI robots are part of RoMeLa’s goal of achieving “Robot Evolution by Intelligent Design” as posted on their website,

CHARLI-2 Robot
Image Credit: RoMeLoTV

CHARLI has won several awards namely:

  • RoboCup 2011 Adult Size World Champions
  • RoboCup 2012 Adult Size World Champions
  • Time Magazine Invention of the Year 2011
  • Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid Award

Psy’s Gangnam Style song – video has steadily gained popularity with many countries performing their own Gangnam style dances.

Gangnam Style holds the Guinness Book Record as the most liked video at YouTube video with more than 430 million views. It is No. 1 in over 33 countries, to date.

Even celebrities like pop singer Britney Spears, boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao, and X Factor Australia Judge Melanie Brown. were enticed to dance Gangnam. Mel said to Psy: “You are a legend.”

Below is the YouTube video of CHARLI-2 dancing Gangnam Style, courtesy of RoMeLa.

CHARLI- 2 robot dances Gangnam Style

Video credit: RoMeLaVT/YouTube

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