Bradley Wins against Marquez to Retain WBO Welterweight Title; Reactions on Twitter

Timothy Bradley has won against Juan Manuel Marquez to retain his WBO Welterweight Title with Pacquiao’s knockout puncher denied of claiming his 5th belt.

The Marquez vs. Bradley fight held in Las Vegas has the judges’ scores at 115-113 Bradley, 115-113 Marquez, and 116-112 Bradley, allowing the champion to retain his title.

Timothy Bradley, Image credit:

Bradley had carefully planned his defense that the Mexican fighter could hardly cause damage to him. If Bradley fought the way Manny Pacquiao did, he might have ended like the Pacman too – victim of a lucky punch?

Reactions on Twitter were varied, some saying Bradley deserved the win, and some were still unable to accept Bradley‘s triumph over Marquez. Meanwhile, “Manny Pacquiao” trended on Twitter as boxing fans analyzed what Bradley‘s win meant for Pacquiao‘s boxing career.

A fan tweeted:

“Bradley beat Marquez?!?!? Well now I wanna see a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch.”

Would the next fight be between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao?

Only Pacquiao’s camp would be able to answer that question.

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