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My journey in the world of blogging is a fascinating, learning experience. I came across delightful blogs that I have enjoyed browsing and reading.

I would like to mention some of them in this post:

The Big Picture – by Tasha Bud

Tasha has a romance novel which is evolving right now, even as I write; the title “The Big Picture, ” centers around the story of Makenna, Clint, Sandy and Steve.

It is a story of intrigue, love and passion that you should not miss. The Novel is on its 31’st chapter.

Tasha writes mellifluously about emotions, feelings and the machinations of the human mind. Read how the characters come to life in this heartwarming novel.

She also has a second blog – Tasha’s Take – where she deals with topics she feels strongly about, her thoughts on certain popular debates, and her take in mundane but significant issues.

Hunting the Muse – by Brady Frost

Brady has a peculiar, titillating way of presenting his stories; whether it be sci-fi, flash fiction, lyric writing, poems, writing tips or other genre.

You can assign any topic to this versatile writer and he would be able to compose an original article without much ado – no sweat !

Here is a new sci-fi story –Zombie – which presents a new and different perspective of that archaic theme. I won’t reveal what it is; you’ll have to read it to know why. But I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

I also had a mention in his latest post here.

Writing to Exhale – by Jan Geronimo.

Jan writes incredibly well. He also interacts with his readers splendidly and treats each visitor as a VIP. There is a warm feeling of being “home” whenever I get to read his articles, because they seem to speak directly from his heart to the reader – personal but encompassing.

His blog is a collection of informative articles about diverse topics ranging from blog contests to The Secret to Earning a Good StumbleUpon Review , to The Lost Art of Being Silly and many extraordinary posts that would leave you saying,
” I’ve found it!.”
Visit his blog and I can assure you, you’ll have a totally pleasurable experience!

Lifelotsby Irene

Irene writes about love, choices, chances and life in general. I admire this young lass’ mature and optimistic view of life. It is always refreshing and encouraging to read her posts.

. It is entitled: Interpret a tough experience as an exercise in compassion. This is only one of the various topics in her inspiring collection.

JER.BP’S Simulacrum by Jerome

Jerome is a newbie in the blogging world. He’s more into photography but blogging would be ideal for him, as he could also write down his thoughts about his photo subjects.

He has still to post his array of vivid and colorful pictures because this is the first blog for him, and we have to give him some slack as experience had taught us that it is not easy to establish your very first blog. One has to learn a little about HTML codes, posting, editing and lay outing.

I am sure, JER.BP would soon be one of the best blogs around. Welcome Jerome!

13 thoughts on “Blogs of Note”

  1. except for JER.BP’S Simulacrum- by Jerome, I have already visited these blogs (guess, I’ll go there after here)

    and I coulnd’t agree more with what you said

    thanks for making the blogosphere a better place for us bloggers Jena 🙂

  2. Jena,
    What a real treat this is to come by to visit you and find my blogs being featured on your post. I’m very grateful, indeed.

    I shall visit the others that you’ve mentioned.

    Thanks a million again for your generousity.


  3. Hi Roy,

    Jerome is a new blogger Roy, so he needs all the help we can give.

    Thanks and I’m glad you visited the sites. God bless

    Hi Tasha,

    You deserve the mention. You’re a dedicated blogger and a wonderful writer. You deserve to be published.

    Hi Irene,

    Yes, your posts are good reads. You can send the contribution before May 15, mat 15 is the deadline.

    You could send it through Zorlone if you don’t know my email or PM me at EC dashboard.

  4. Jena, thank you for featuring my blog in your post. “,) You’re very generous.

    I’d be checking out these bloggers you’ve recommended one at a time.

  5. Same sentiments with Roy…

    I shall fly to the last blog you mentioned and see if my wings settle down and rest then I would have found myself a new haven.

    Err, I might forgot that I am a blogger and not a bird!


  6. Hi Jan,

    You’re welcome. Your articles are worth promoting. It was my pleasure linking to them. All the best.

  7. Wow, more great blogs to read. I already visit one here. Jan’s blog. I’ll check out the others also. Thanks for the links. Makes looking for good blogs easier.

  8. Hi Lucrecio,

    I should visit your blog too, I might find a different ray of light there…(smiles).

    Hi Zorlone,

    He’s a newbie just like you before. He’s still not focused on it as parents are visiting. You’ll learn about him soon enough. Do leave a comment in his blog. Do you remember how happy you were with your first comments? I’m sure he would feel the same way too. Thanks.

  9. thanks jena for all the list here. these are new blogs i have to visit and get to know more…except of course that of jan's,e hehe!

  10. Hello, Ma'am. I remember bumping into your discussion in mylot, to jumping into one of your blogs and then finding you again in twitter.

    The world is really small and our lives are connected with each other. I also wanna feature some great bloggers that I've met.

    will be visiting these blogs. thanks! ^^ oh, by the way, you might want to check out my friend's blog. she also features great moms there.


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