Best Filipino Games This Christmas

The Best Filipino games to play this Christmas are those that are fun and entertaining.

TV shows that “Eat Bulaga” has these popular games that TV viewers enjoy. Here are some of the best Filipino games you and your family could play this Christmas.

Pinoy Henyo

This game needs two players; one who guesses the word, and one who gives hints about the word.

The guesser would ask questions about the word that is attached his forehead, and the person who gives the hint has only three answers: “Yes,” ‘No,” and ‘Maybe.”

There may be 10 or more terms given, and two minutes allotment to guess each term.

There could be two or more pairs. The pair with the most number of correct answers, at the shortest time possible, wins the contest.

Guess Pinoy Henyo Christmas
Guess the word Pinoy Henyo Christmas games


This is similar to “Pinoy Henyo” because contestants are also asked to guess the word or phrase. The difference is that the person who gives the hint could act out the word, but should not say anything.

The next rules are the same as “Pinoy Henyo.”

You can play these Best Filipino Games too this Christmas even if you are no ‘Pinoy.” It’s fun!

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