9 thoughts on “Bear With Me”

  1. Hi Jen. I’m bearing with you and do hope that the surgery is over soon:) This is a test comment, so if you want to delete, it is fine by me. Have a nice weekend

  2. Congratulations on your new home! It was a bit of a fixer-upper, but now you’ve learned some incredibly valuable “self-hosted WordPress” homeowner skills, and it’s lookin’ GOOD…

    Love the “surgical procedure” rather than “under construction” notice. It’s kind of a funky welcome mat, but it’s so YOU.

  3. You can do it!! It’s exhausting, but rewarding, too. It’s looking great, Jen. It’s like a new home: unpack the pillows, linens, bathroom and kitchen essentials first. All the rest can be taken day to day.

  4. Hi, Jen. I’ve come bearing flowers, chocolates and…. milk shake!

    Cool new blog. Love it – more roomy and can be changed without so much pain and hassle when you get the hang of it, if you haven’t already. LOL


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