Astronauts Can Now Stay Longer on the Moon because Scientists Have Discovered Water Ice on its Surface

Yes, scientists have reportedly discovered water ice in the coldest region of the moon. This discovery was announced on August 20, 2018 in the journals of the National Academy of Sciences.

Water Ice on Moon, Image credit: NASA

Aside from a possible source of water for moon explorations, the water ice might also provide water for Mars explorers.

The scientists stated that their analysis shows “definitive proof” of the existence of water ice on the moon.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported that a team of scientists used data from NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper or M3 to prove that water ice, indeed, exists on the moon’s poles.

This team is composed of Shuai Li and group from the University of Hawaii and Brown University and Richard Elphic of The NASA Ames Research Center.

This is great news for future exploration projects. Water ice on the moon means life can be sustained.

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