Argus Revealed: World’s Highest Resolution Surveillance Camera (Video)

Engineer Yiannis Antoniades revealed that the Argus melds together images from its 368 chips to produce 1.8 billion pixels, making it the world’s highest resolution camera.

Its capability of capturing high resolution images makes it possible to zoom in but still maintain a wide range picture of the scene.

The revelation of this surveillance camera was allowed by the U.S. government to make people aware that such a surveillance camera exists. The rest of the information, such as the component of the sensor, is still classified, though.”

Argus, Image credit: FreakyVidsDaily

The previous Predator is limited but the Argus has spectacular features. It could generate fine images of a whole city at once. Argus or Wide Area Persistence Stare could generate images showing details of an area, and the whole picture as well. It could store a million terabytes of video daily, and could also stream live.

Antoniades disclosed that the resolution is so high, it could see individuals crossing the street, “You can see individuals in the parking lot, you can see people waving their arms.”

The Argus could open 65 windows simultaneously and still retain the whole picture, and has the ability to see images as small as 6 inches on the ground.

Antoniades said that the Argus is made up of 368 “cellphone” camera chips to produce its outstanding capability.

So, watch out now, you are not alone; Argus is staring at you.

Argus, World’s Highest Resolution Camera

Video credit: FreakyVidsDaily/YouTube

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