And the Truth Shall Set You Free

This beautiful quotation: “Truth will prevail,” is an apt quotation for this post. No matter how you hide the truth, and no matter how you cover it up, it will always shine in all its glory in the end. It is such a beautiful thought and simultaneously a time tested adage that we often ignore. Experience had proven though, that indeed this is true.

I also believe that at the time of reckoning you answer only to Him and Him alone because He alone knows the truth about you and what you have done in your mundane existence.

The Clin Chem bloggers are part of the truth I have right now. These are young men and women who derive their values from what we set as examples. Filipino values like : respeto sa sarili at sa kapwa, pagiging matulungin, may utang na loob, hindi makasarili, may sariling sikap , makatao, makabayan at higit sa lahat may malinis na konsensya. ( self-respect and respect for others, helpfulness, has a grateful heart, not selfish, is resourceful and has ingenuity , is pro-man and nationalistic and most of all –lives with a clear conscience. )

I had introduced them to the blogging world because I had wanted them to experience the immense information and learning modalities they could avail of online; how we are a supportive, helpful and dynamic group of people that they can learn and interact with. I see the blogging world as a new tool to enhance their learning skills and I was encouraged because of the vast technology they could utilize; hence the birth of the Clin Chem Bloggers.

I have assigned scheduled posts in between exams and other school work. Blogging is not everything they do; they have to turn in assignments on time, prepare oral presentations and take their exams. And their posting depends upon the on-going schedule they have in school. This week is their midterm exams.

College life is toxic. I ‘m sure you have experienced this yourselves, so for the whole semester and the next semester, they have a scheduled activity.

In fact, their next assigned activity – which was posted August 4, (take note of the date) – is due on or before August 19. And there will be continuing posts up to the next semester.

The Clin Chem Bloggers are genuine blogs with real people behind who voluntarily voted for the Jedi bloggers – after visiting the Jedi blogs. How could they describe the blogs if they hadn’t? They have not violated any rules of the contest and are therefore valid votes.

Let’s not dampen their trusting and sincere enthusiasm in blogging by clouding their honest votes and labeling them spams. Instead let’s encourage them and show the beauty and wonder of the blogosphere.

If I really wanted to create splogs for the contest, I could have enlisted all the other blogs which were recently created by the incoming students. There are a handful of them.

The blogs voted by these Clin Chem Bloggers are worth your precious time, I can assure you. These are truly emerging blogs which could positively “influence” people across the globe. You’ll come across interesting , artistic, entertaining and info- laden posts in these blogs. Being influential for me is being able to evoke the positive traits from your readers, and I am proud to be a Jedi Blogger!

I wanted to remain mum at first, but remaining silent may be interpreted by some as being acquiescent.

This would be the first and last time I’ll be posting about this topic.

My parting words would be, “ In time, truth will prevail.”

August 15, 2009

I would like to add this quotation which is apt for this post: (courtesy of Mon)

“Sa taong may paniniwala sa iyo- Hindi mo na kailangang magpaliwanag. Pero sa taong walang paniniwala sa iyo – walang sapat na paliwanag.”

( To people who believe in you, explanations are not needed, but for those who don’t have faith in you – no amount of explanation would be enough.”)

38 thoughts on “And the Truth Shall Set You Free”

  1. Jen, I could not have said it better. Welcome, to all the Clin Chem bloggers! And don't you worry – while the "blogosphere" isn't always a reflection of people's finer selves, that, too, is a valuable lesson in dealing with difficult people. Or in ignoring them, and rising above pettiness and poor sportsmanship. There are more worthy people and pursuits to focus your energies on, and they appreciate your friendship and your talents; they cheer you on and support you in your aspirations. Study hard and learn; Jen's right, the Internet offers a wealth of resources for deeper learning. And it offers opportunities for networking and forming personal and professional relationships.

    Pleased to meet you all. I hope you'll drop by my blog often; remember that you are always welcome there.

  2. Thanks for this post Jena. I was dumbfounded by this controversy surrounding our group (yes, still a proud Jediblogger!), as I only learned about it today, but I am confident we can forge ahead and maintain the respect of the blogging community. 😀 Take care.

  3. Thanks, Jen, for writing this post about the Clin Chem bloggers.

    Did I miss thanking any of you? Ahehehe. Here's my chance to set it right. Thanks a lot, Clin Chem bloggers.

    I'd do my best not to disappoint you guys. 🙂

    Study very well, keep posting – even posts about Naruto. Promise, Lolo Jan will not hate you for doing Naruto. Ahehehe.

    You rock! 🙂

  4. I won't post my email here since I knew I blew up a bit earlier. Holly knows about it. Hehehe. I think Jen, you have my email as well.

    Keep your cool lang coz I can't LOL!

  5. Hi Holly,

    Thanks. Very well said too. Let's focus on the positive , I agree with you. The internet offers that and many more.

    The affective domain could be "learned" through their interaction with other people online and offline.

    Having you as one of the nominees has been a pleasure.

    Hope you can visit us in our neck of the woods in the near future.

    Congratulations and all the best.

  6. H Reyjr,

    Rey, be proud you're a Jedi blogger. You know the truth. Foremost is respect of self. Self esteem is good but I would go with character anytime.

    Thanks for the faith and best regards.

    Oh, "our sang" is timely : "Stand by Me" he he he… Cheers!

  7. Hi Jan,

    Congratulations once again for being number 1. You're the man. You deserve the award. Just reading your blog is a joy and wonder.

    Naruto ha, he he he…LJ will be reading naruto…ano iyon? he he he.

    More power and more successes coming your way.

    Bravo for an outstanding performance.

  8. Hi Lyle,

    Mas grabe ka pa palang magalit keysa sa akin…he he he…Sumisigaw ka…he he he,..

    Yes, I will. Don't worry. I don't want to add more wrinkles to my face.

    Keep cool and best regards.

  9. hi Jena,

    as is my position on the issue, it is an issue of contest rules that were clearly not wise and non-transparent. while i don't say these chem bloggers are splogs, clearly if one could do it, spam blogs could fill the votes.

    quite obviously, this is a bloc-voting done by the chem bloggers, to whom it is their sole discretion. i believe there is no fault that can be found on these kids. if they ever read those blogs they voted for, or somebody asked them to vote, it is entirely up to them.

    as is most popularity contests, it is the way of the game.

    however, i found fault on the promoter of the contest itself. having no clear and transparent voting process. and if she did act for ethical reasons, she would not count votes that came from blogs formed recently after the contest started.

    that's my take.

  10. i cant write a comment.. im too tired for this issue… hahahha… just read my twitter status here hahhaha

    thanks for clearing this up for those people who are trying to bring down the credibility of the contest and the winners as well… i believe you!

  11. You know, I have always been amazed at the amount of Philippino bloggers on the internet.I never really knew that were groups specifically tailored for these individuals.

  12. Nice post, Jen. (And nice comment, Holly) Another fine example of feminine wisdom I so admire and respect. I'm so glad that both of you guys choose to be part of the Jedi Bloggers.

  13. Hi Buraot,

    Thank you for that unbiased comment. Indeed they visited the blogs before they voted.

    I appreciate your vital input and concern. I'm sure Janet would welcome valid suggestions about the contest rules.

    Thank you for the faith.

    All the best.

  14. Hi Dr.Lauren,

    You're back. Yes the Philippines is a bloggers' world. This is because English is a second language.

    Best regards.

  15. Hi Jena

    I've been coming here since this morning and I still don't know what to comment…

    I really wish it could be simpler…

    Thank you for this post… I guess I'm just two coffee away from my sanity

  16. Hi Roy,

    It is simple Roy: We know what the truth is and we stick to it.

    Enjoy your well earned triumph. Remember the code, "Not to give in to the dark side from within."

    Cheers and congratulations!

  17. Upon hearing the issue, I was dumbfounded to hear that they have been accusing us of being spams! If you people could see for yourselves how much time and effort we put to this and this is what we get in return? I don't think we deserve such treatment. You guys are older than us, so I guess you know better, but a lot of you proved me wrong. I looked up to you people as influences, and you have disappointed me, and my fellow Clin Chem Bloggers. As said above, truth will prevail. We stand by the truth, knowing we are right, we fight for our rights. It is unjust that you have stepped on us like this, there are 29 of us, we stand by our mentor, we stand by our rights, we are not SPAMS and TRUTH is OURS!

  18. Welcome Clin Chem Bloggers to the blogosphere. It seems that your presence was greeted by more than smiling faces, but by intrigues as well.

    There are more people out there who are true to what they say in the blogs. Respectable and intelligent people worth knowing and worth reading. Don't be disheartened by the dark side of blogging.

    See you on the 22nd!

    Keep blogging!


  19. The truth shall prevail,
    We ride in the truth so we'll never fail, may God be with us for that all Hail.

    Negative comments and issues cannot bring us down, but can make us sad and can make us frown.
    It can also make us strong and make us one. Those who oppose us, where are they? Gone.

    The blog i made was for my own sake. I learned, I shared my knowledge what more can i make?
    My poems? They're imperfect but you'll be more awake, like a cup of coffee excited to sip in another take.

    Let's go to the issue for it concerns us all. I voted in my own free will, for that i stand tall.

    We are not spams or whatever they call us. We think, we choose, we decide and NO ONE can force us.

    I nominated those who i think deserve it. For those of you who made it "Congrats!" for those who don't Im sorry.

    THANK YOU our mentor for introducing us in the blogosphere. I think i'll be more likely to be staying here. You have made us a family and I have started to love it. All for one and one for all, that is our motto and NO ONE can break it.


  20. Hi Jehlz,

    Thanks for coming over and commenting. I know there is no link from our mother site to here, but you still managed to visit.

    You're right, we know the truth about your blogs and we stand by it.

  21. Him Timz,

    Wow! a great poem. You're a great poet like Doc Z. and very well written too. I couldn't see any loophole in your flowing verse.

    Bubbling and clear like a flowing stream with a vital message that cuts through like a knife.

    Thanks Timz.

  22. Hi Doc Z,

    Their first experience in blogging is unpleasant. But that is only a small dark corner of the blogosphere.The truth is there are lots of helpful and generous people around who would be willing to help them out.

    Congratulations again doc Z for truly being the emerging influential blogger that you are!

  23. Bago ang lahat nais ko munang magpasalamat sa aming butihing tagapagpayo at pasimuno ng lahat ng ito, walang iba kundi ang ang aming butihing guro na s si madam Gaces,, siya'y walang sawang umalalay sa amin at nagbigay ng mahahalagang aral para sa ikagaganda ng aming mga "Blog"

    Naintindihan ko kung bakit ganito na lamang ang naging reaksyon niya laban sa mga taong pilit kaming inaapakan at niyuyurakan ang aming pagkatao, sapagkat bilang isang pangalawang ina sa amin, Mas subrang sakit ang kanyang nararadaman sa tuwing kami ay iniinsulto ng mga kritiko at natural lamang sa ina na ipagtanggol niya ang mga anak laban sa mapagsmantalang tao…

    Bagkus, Hindi kami magpapaapekto sa mga ganitong isyu dahal kami mismo alam namen sa sarili namen na wala kaming inagrabyadong tao at higit sa lahat malinis ang aming kunsyensya na kami mismo ang nagpakahirap at nagtuon ng panahon para sa ikakaganda ng aming "blog"

  24. Sa taong may paniniwala sa iyo- Hindi mo kailangang magpaliwanag.
    Pero sa taong walang paniniwala sa iyo – Walang sapat na paliwanag.
    Year 2004 when I was falsely accused and it caused my promotion. Those words were spoken by my daughter.After a year,those people resigned one by one but the damaged had been done.Just sharing my unfortunate incident.

  25. hi jena! i thought you'd join us in our little eb on that saturday. i even asked Doc Z about it. anyway, incidents like these make the bond of friendship grow stronger. more power to you and your students!

  26. Hi Mon,

    "Sa taong may paniniwala sa iyo- Hindi mo kailangang magpaliwanag.
    Pero sa taong walang paniniwala sa iyo – Walang sapat na paliwanag."

    Napakagandang paniniwala. Tama ka dito. Saludo ako sa iyo sa pagiging objective.

    Mabuhay ka.

  27. Anonymous,

    I don't know who you are and where you came from, but still…. from what I know responsible journalism is unbiased and fair.

  28. Anjelica, you wrote "You guys are older than us, so I guess you know better, but a lot of you proved me wrong. I looked up to you people as influences, and you have disappointed me."

    I remember the day I had this epiphany about older people that I respected and looked up to, and my heart aches for you. There will be other disillusionment in life, but this is one of the hardest lessons to learn, because it shakes the foundations so carefully built in childhood, it shakes our trust, and it makes us question everything. That said, it's also a big step to adulthood, and to becoming someone others can respect and trust. Remember how let down you feel now, and make every effort not to pull the rug out from under someone who looks up to you.

  29. Hi Holly,

    I hope they'll consider this as part of what life is all about, joy and sadness, hurt and pain, etc.

    I know they'll learn from these as they're all intelligent and highly spirited kids.

    All the best, Holly.


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