American Idol 2012 Top 4 Polls: Jessica Sanchez Leads Independent Online Polls

It is the last stretch of the contest and there are only 4 people left in the American Idol 2012 competition.

They are:

  1. Hollie Cavanagh
  2. Phillip Phillips
  3. Jessica Sanchez
  4. Joshua Ledet

Top 4 American Idol 2012 Finalists
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How do the Top 4 American Idol hopefuls rank on Online Polls? According to majority of online polls, Jessica Sanchez leads by a large margin in most of them. gives Jessica Sanchez – 59%, Phillip Phillips – 20%, Hollie Cavanagh – 14% and Joshua Ledet -85%. has Jessica leading with 44%, Phillip Phillips with 29% and Joshua Ledet with 16%.

Jessica also leads majority of Blog Polls.

Jessica’s fans should not grow complacent though, as these polls are generally worldwide and not solely based on the American population. Only people who reside in the U.S. and its territories are allowed to vote.

If Jessica’s fans would not vote for her, then these numbers would be useless, likewise with the other American Idol 2012 contestants.

Phillip Phillips comes in only second or third on online polls, but he stays on top in the American Idol voting polls. Jessica’s near elimination was a wake-up call for her fans in the U.S. territories to go out of their way and vote. Read How to Vote for Your Idols.

Who would be in the Top 2 American Idol finale out of the Top 4?

Would it be J & J, Joshua and Jessica?

Or Joshua and Phillip?

Or Hollie and Phillip?

Or Hollie and Jessica?

Or Jessica and Phillip?

A prediction worth stating is: A Joshua and Jessica Top 2 Finale would be a battle of the “big voices.”

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