Amazing New 3-D Video of Mars Released; Combined Images from ESA, NASA Provide Spectacular Photos of the Red Planet

An amazing, new 3-D Video of the Mars was released, in which researchers have combined images from European Space Agency, ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft and NASA’s photos to provide spectacular images of the Red Planet.

Mars has been continuously observed by roving gadgets and spacecraft that would lend an understanding of the planet.


Watch the amazing 3-D Video of Mars.

In June 14, 2011 a 3-D stereographic film taken by Viking 1 and 2 was released. The video showed unique images of Mars.

Watch this 3-D stereographic film of Mars uploaded by Michael McNabb.

There are still facts about Mars that remain a mystery. The volcanic craters that adorn Mars’ surface, from where did they come from?

Was Mars a previously inhabited planet by beings, such as man?

The question remains unanswered. The scientists could only arrive at educated guesses or hypotheses, regarding the question.

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