A Soul of Great Beauty is a Genuine Beauty

When people talk about beauty, they often refer to physical beauty.

This is not unusual because what draws you to a person, at first, is what is visible in the outside.


Jessie J’s incredible beauty


Physical beauty, though, is not permanent, and is relative. As the cliché goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Sometimes, physical beauty is misleading too, because there are people who are only beautiful from the outside, but full of bad thoughts from the inside.

On the other hand, spiritual beauty is not relative; it is lasting and is genuine.

A soul of great beauty has specific attributes, and these noble traits make her beautiful in the eyes of man and God.

Being beautiful from the inside is the real deal because inner beauty does not fade as years go by; instead its brilliance shines all the more, and the beauty of God is mirrored in the person’s countenance.

What are the attributes of a soul of great beauty? Here are some of them:


A soul of great beauty is good. Goodness indicates an innate concern for the welfare of other people. A beautiful person does only good deeds because he believes in the goodness of God, as well.

Her goodness is innate that radiates in her countenance and actions. When a person is good, people could sense the overpowering magnificence coming from within. This makes her beautiful.


Kindness only comes from persons who have beautiful souls. Being kind shows a sense of sensitivity and understanding of other people’s feelings.

It shows that the person is not a self-centered person, and could go beyond herself to help others.


She cares for other people around her, and is aware that she should love her “brethren” as herself, just as God had instructed her to do.

She knows how to act responsibly and positively to other people around him, and care genuinely for them, as she cares for herself.

*Great fortitude

She is a strong woman who is able to endure adversities stoically. She has also the fortitude to withstand problems successfully by considering them as challenges and not as travails.

She comes out of challenges a stronger and more knowledgeable person, which reflects the genuine beauty she possesses.

*Not judgmental

She knows that no one is perfect, and that people should understand instead of judging each other. She does not judge other people hastily because she believes that only God could render judgment.

She also recognizes the fact that she is not perfect and has to improve herself first before noticing the flaws of other people.

A soul of great beauty exudes all of these vital traits; traits that are not physical, but are lasting and priceless.

When tranquility, goodness, and love reign in a person’s heart, her beauty is heavenly. It radiates from within making her truly beautiful from the outside.

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