A Series of Halloween Stories; Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

By: Lester Taga Capas

It’s Halloween once again, and here are shorty short stories for you.


“What is she staring at?” Lenny asked her mother as she looked at her 2 year old sister Grace staring blankly at the wall. Her mother pays no attention.


Halloween costumes
Creepy Halloween Costumes


Best Halloween Costumes for Kids


Lenny walks towards her sister “What are you staring at?” But her sister paid no attention to her either. So she sat on the couch where her father was watching TV with a blank expression on his face.

Her mother then picked Grace up and placed her on her father’s lap. Grace smiled at Lenny.

“Are you hungry?” Her mother playfully asked Grace and hands her a bottle of milk.

“It’s almost time. Where are our candles dear?” Mother asked her husband.

Lenny excitedly says “I’ll get them!” As she grabbed the box of candles her father recoiled in horror. “What’s wrong father?” Lenny asked but her father didn’t answer. Instead he walked towards the altar and grabbed a bottle of Holy water and sprinkled its contents on the candles Lenny was holding.

Saddened by how she was given no attention, Lenny asked her Grandmother. “How come no one is paying attention to me, Lola?” Her weakened grandmother looks at her

“Because the living can’t see the dead, sweetums”. Lenny looked up to her “But why can you see me?” Her grandmother smiled “Because I will be joining you soon.”


Apong Birena tied a few strings together as she hummed to herself, a sad tune from the days of old. “Marie, hand me towel” she thanked her granddaughter and continued tying strings together.

Out of curiosity Marie asked her “What are those for Lola?” She laughed,” I’ve been doing this every year and you ask only now?”

Marie scratched her head “Is it too late to ask?”

Birena smiled “For your grandfather dear”.

She was at the age of puberty, so she asked “Lola did you have many suitors? You were beautiful in your youth.” Her grandmother scolded her “I still am!! Yes I had many, but I chose only your grandfather.”

Marie chuckled “What was special about him Lola?” but she only smiled.

“Finish your food Marie before it gets cold, your father works hard to bring it home.” Marie’s mother yelled, Marie brought the bowl closer to her grandmother and offered her some. But she disgustedly declined. Marie then forked out an eyeball from the bowl and eats it. Her grandmother then stared at the ground “Your grandfather ate his competition” and laughed.


“Yes that is Nardo’s house, he’s a war veteran, and he’s 85 years old now.” The kagawad pointed the journalist towards the old house.

“Are you sure you want to do this? They say he’s a witch or a vampire, that’s why he survived the battle.”

The journalist laughed. “No such thing as vampires.”

He entered the house and saw all sorts of items used in witchcraft. The old man was seated on his rocking chair. “What is your purpose here?” He asked.

“I’m a journalist sir and…” The old man cut him off. “Are you not scared?” The journalist only nodded.

“You have so many battle scars sir; you must have fought very bravely?”

The old man looked at him with such intensity, he flinched.

“What is it they told you? Those crazy neighbors of mine?”

The journalist looked down “Nothing sir.”

The old man stood up. “I fought many evil things in the war, many were not human and they left me these scars, but I killed them all and survived by the skin of my teeth!” he stated proudly. “Those monsters were no match for me.”

“Liar” The journalist said.

“What did you say?!” the old man yelled in anger.

“You were a coward, you always were, how did it feel? Running to save yourself while your fellow soldiers died?”

Recognizing the journalist’s face, the old man fell back in terror.

“Nardo, I’m here….to finish the job.” The journalist unveiled a mouth of sharp teeth, and as the sun was setting, Nardo breathed his last.

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