A New South Korean Band is Debuting on April 1 and Twitterpeeps are Excited

The hashtag “NoMoreDreamIsComing” trended on Twitter as Twitterpeeps got excited with a new band from South Korea that is debuting on April 1. The band’s name is BTS, composed of 7 young members, the youngest being 15, and the oldest – 21.

Twitter has exploded with excitement with this news.

Well, to make the story short, ARMYs would like to experience once more BTS’ debut as a prank for their faves on April 1. ARMYs are totally on a different level.

While helping contribute to the effort of eradicating COVID 19 with donations, ARMYs could also still bring joy and happiness to new ARMYs and other people around the world with their positive ideas. Imagine BTS debut album making it to the charts 7 years after!

Like idols, like fans. BTS and ARMY – forever!

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