A Mermaid Caught on Tape in Israel, Genuine or Hoax?

A video which claims to have caught on tape a mermaid in Israel has turned viral on YouTube with more than 160 thousand hits in just 3 days. Is the “mermaid” a genuine one or a hoax?

Some commenters of the video said that it was a CGI image, but the image seems genuine to an average person.

Watch the video uploaded by nemesis maturity and judge for yourself.

Nemesis’ label of the video:

“Strange creature appears and caught by camera on a rock at seaside area Kiryat Yam of Israel.
The shape of the creature looks like a mermaid and when understood that keeps the attention disappeared under the sea surface”

Mermaid Israel
“Mermaid” on sea rock, Image credit: Nemesis Maturity

Mermaid Caught on Tape in Israel

Video credit: nemesis maturity/YouTube

News today, May 31, 2013 revealed that the story was a Mermaid Hoax, which has a disclaimer at the end that described the program as ’science fiction’ based on ‘scientific theory.’

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