FRANCIS SCUDELLARI of CAUGHT IN THE STREAM (Abstracting Art From Life), is an artist extraordinaire. He draws/paints, writes short stories and poems. His poems have a particular enigmatic appeal that leaves the reader a wide variety of wondrous interpretations.

His artist’s hand reminds me of Gadamer ‘s hermeneutic approach to literature and arts – that of an interplay between the artist and the receiver; that the representation the art implies, should not be taken as is , but as a part of the union of what the artist wants to symbolize and the receiver’s personal experiences . The “space ” between the two is merged. This then produces a new meaning for each viewing individual/receiver – to his work of art.

A poem about this drawing is posted above.

Were you able to interpret it in various unique ways?

Visit his blog and be amazed at his unique brand of art and literature.

Thank you Francis, for the honor.

4 thoughts on “A GUEST POST – UNTITLED”

  1. Francis’ Art is mesmerising -I can look a them for ages. Well done for getting him on board – you needed to up your game after that last guest post!! 🙂

    I think I would call this ‘Seafood The Video Game’.

  2. Thanks for the visit Ken. I am lucky indeed, he agreed to be my guest blogger.

    It is apparent, your guest post was well received too, thanks again.


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