A Gifted and Talented Blogger in Our Midst

I have always been passionate about motivating new bloggers to blog. The best that I can do though, is to link them to my various blogs, and then introduce them to my generous circle of friends. The rest is mostly up to them.

In this post, I’m extremely excited to introduce this “newbie”.  She’s a promising writer, having written and directed short plays in her school. She is also an excellent story teller, orator and is a math wizard (Best in Math); she is one of her school’s representatives in the inter-school math quiz bee contests, because of her Kumon advance math knowledge, in which she had earned a silver medal among kids older than she was.

Ryzen Reigne Mergal
Ryzen Reigne Mergal

By now, you have an inkling that she’s very young, and you’re right; she’s only 9 yrs. old, and in grade 3. Imagine what and who she would turn out to be after a few more years.

Ryzen Reigne Mergal is the daughter or RRchard and Zeny, both brilliant professors in the academe.  Ryz has been a consistent A-1 student in school. She has earned numerous medals in Math, Science and English – a gifted and talented child.

She had started to blog when her creativity could no longer be contained in her notebooks. She has been telling her father though, that nobody would be able to read her posts. Well, guys, let’s show this very young blogger the generous and wonderful side of the blogosphere. Let’s give her the readers that she deserves. Let’s give her the encouragement that she needs.

Do visit her blog – RYZ – and leave your comments. All writers need to know that they are read and appreciated.

Kudos to you Ryzen, welcome to the blogosphere, and keep blogging!

30 thoughts on “A Gifted and Talented Blogger in Our Midst”

    • Hello Ryzen, at last you’ve found your way here. See, how supportive these “old” bloggers are…lol…. I mean these uber bloggers are. Keep blogging, anytime you’ll need us, we’ll be there , just buzz us. All the best!

  1. Had visited her site. It’s amazing how a 9 year old can write and express herself that well. I’m sure under proper supervision she can make it someday, as a successful writer maybe. ^^ Wish her best!

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  2. Cool! I am only 2 years older than her!

    I have visited her blog and love her writing very much! Keep it up!

    Ryzen, you are very talented! Wish you the best!


    • Hi Gloson,

      Yes, I noticed. lol…you’re both talented and intelligent kids. I hope you’ll visit us more often – Ryzen and I. She’ll be inspired by you, I’m sure. You could give some pointers and encourage her to keep blogging. All the best.

  3. I think it’s great that someone so young is venturing out into the blogging world and I will be heading there as soon as I finish this comment.

    You have a great blog, and if I could make a suggestion that would improve the amounts of comments you could get. That is to install a ‘subscribe to comments’ plugin.

  4. How sweet!! My daughter just started her own blog too, age 8. It’s a wonderful era for self expression via blogging!! Imagine if we had started blogging at that age?! But better late than never, that’s for sure.


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