How to keep your Bike in Good Working Order

A bike is like any machine, it has to undergo regular check-ups, cleaning and lubrication to guarantee that it is in good working order. You could ensure that your bike is running efficiently by following regularly these simple steps.

Make sure that your bike fits you

Making sure your bike is ergonomically fitted to your size and height is the first thing that you should check. A bike that fits you perfectly would not only lengthen the lifespan of your bike but would also help maintain your good health, while staying fit and trim.

Your feet should be comfortably touching the pedals and the ground. You should not strain to step on the ground or step on the pedals. The height of the bike seat should also be fitted for your comfort.

How to take care of your bike

Clean chain and lubricate it regularly

To clean the bike’s chain thoroughly, you have to remove it. You can soak it first in a degreaser solution. You can buy this cleaner from your local supermarket or bicycle store. You can then clean the bike making use of a simple toothbrush.

Brush of dirt and grime until your chain is sparkling clean. All traces of the grease solvent or degreaser should be washed off. Any trace of it could hamper the function of the newly applied lubricant. After cleaning the chain, you can then hang it to dry.

When it is dry, you can apply the lubricant all throughout the chain by rotating the pedal. Protect the other parts of your bike by covering it with rags while applying the lubricant. This would increase the durability of your bike.

Replace your tires regularly

You should replace your tires regularly, whether these are still functioning or not. Check daily for wear and tear signs. The maximum pressure is specified at the side of the tire; you should be aware of this. As a corrective measure, always bring a hand-pump with you. Your bike could only function well when your tires are working well too.

Let an expert check your brakes periodically

If you notice something amiss with your brakes, you may want to bring your bike to an expert technician. This could save your life. There are various accidents involving brakes, and you don’t want to be a victim just because you were too lazy to bring your bike to the automotive shop. A professional check-up at least once a year would be good.

Clean the body area and other parts of your bike

Just like the other parts of your bike, the body area and other parts of are equally important. Without the body, you would not be able to sit and ride your bike. You can wash the body with soap and water, and then buff it with any specified finish product for bikes that you patronize.

This would leave your bike gleaming and looking brand new.
Taking care of your bike would allow you to enjoy your bike more. It would also ensure your safety and well-being because it would decrease your likelihood of figuring in an accident.

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