Why Vitamin D is Critical for Good Health

Think of vitamin D substances as the solid, mighty beams that support your house. Without solid beams, the structure of your house would be weak and compromised. That is the role of vitamin D in your bones and other essential body parts.

To help you understand more the critical role of vitamin D in your body, here are facts that may interest you.

Vitamin D is important to bone formation

According to a research done by Dr. H. Tanaka of the Department of Pediatrics, Okayama University Medical School, vitamin D could stimulate bone formation and bone remodeling in cooperation with other cytokines.

Although clinical trials for the role of vitamin D are still ongoing, it has been sufficiently established that insufficiency of vitamin D would cause osteomalacia or rickets. Its deficiency could also lead to low mineral density. This means your bones can be easily broken, like a house with a weak foundation.

Vitamin D deficiency could compromise your immune system

When your immune system is compromised, you could contract diseases easily because your defense mechanism is dysfunctional. More studies are being conducted to determine conclusive evidence about the role of vitamin D in the immune system.

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Rcikets

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammation of the myelin sheaths of the axons in the brain. This would disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses and affect other brain functions.

Insufficiency of vitamin D is believed to be associated with MS because it was observed that people with MS have less vitamin D concentrations. Scientists are still studying more significant roles of vitamin D in relation to MS.

Exposure to sunlight is important in the formation of Vitamin D. It comes in two types, vitamin D2, and vitamin D3, and is further metabolized in the liver and kidneys, so it could fulfill its critical functions in the body.

The bones support the framework of the body, and protect your vital organs from physical injury. Imagine how your body would look like without your bones; you would not be able to stand. Vitamin D helps you to stand with its bone strengthening role. Aside from this major role, it is also needed for your defense and proper brain function.

These are some of the significant roles of vitamin D to promote health and fitness. Expose yourself to the early morning rays of the sun, and reap the benefits of good health.

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