Top Healthcare Jobs in 2018

Healthcare jobs are always in demand because health is a major concern of each individual anywhere in the world.

There are healthcare jobs, though, that are more in demand because of factors such as limited professionals for that particular field, financially rewarding positions, or self-fulfillment for the job.

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For 2018, the following are top healthcare professions that graduates could apply for.


Dental procedures are expensive and becoming a dentist is a lucrative job that could reward richly those who apply for the profession. In addition, the need for dentists has not been saturated yet.

According to the, the dentistry profession is expected to rise by 21.1% by 2020. People’s growing awareness of the essential role of the teeth as part of a beautiful and healthy face has increased the demand for more dentists.

Registered Nurse

Nurses are valuable personnel in hospitals and clinics. Without them, any hospital would be paralyzed. That is why nurses are always in demand around the globe.

Nurses could also be employed by individuals as private nurses, which would make them vital professionals in many households. The increasing number of sick people makes the profession one of the top health care careers, nowadays.

Physical Therapist

One of the many roles of physical therapists is the rehabilitation of patients. With a large number of people needing to be physically rehabilitated, the demand for physical therapists has increased through the years.

People are now aware of the crucial role that physiotherapists perform in patients needing recovery from injury and illness. This has increased the demand for these competent professionals.


Therapeutic drugs could never be dispensed properly without a pharmacist. Pharmacists are paid well too, and the demand keeps growing. Pharmacists work hand in hand with other healthcare professionals in the successful treatment of patients and the need for their services keeps increasing.


Without physicians, no one would be able to diagnose competently the condition of patients. Their role is pivotal in the health community. As the population of countries grow by leaps and bounds, the demand for doctors has also heightened. With the increased demand, doctors now have one of the top paying jobs in the health profession.


Chiropractors are doctors specialized in the musculoskeletal system. They manage patients with muscle, bone, tendon, ligament and joint problems. Because of their specialized field, there are still not enough of them to attend to patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

They are also paid very well, which would be one of the incentives that would make chiropractors one of the top healthcare jobs.

These are some of the top healthcare jobs that students could enroll in, and graduates could apply to. The important thing that interested people should remember is that health care is a basic service that everyone requires, and as such, healthcare professionals are needed everywhere in the world.

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