Secrets of the Naturally Thin

Being naturally thin does not involve a complex scientific equation. The formula is very simple: calories in should be equivalent to the calories out. This indicates that you should take in only the calories you need for the day, and not ingest more than what is necessary.


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This is because the excess or unused calories that are stored in your adipose tissues would eventually lead to obesity.

The calories required daily for each person vary according to his lifestyle, and his Basal Metabolic Rate. The Basal Metabolic Rate is an individual’s ideal weight based on his height and age.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and sit all day long, then you should limit your calories by selecting foods low in calories. On the other hand, if you are physically active, then you have to choose foods, which could supply the energy that your body needs. The minimum daily calorie requirement for an average person is 1,200 calories.

To learn more the secret of being naturally thin, you have to understand the following concepts:

Each person’s trait is influenced by his genetic makeup and environmental factors.

Previously, researches point out that a person’s obesity is inherited from his parents, and there is no way he could counter it.

However, a recent study in Norfolk by the Epidemiology Unit of the Medical Research Council found out that a physically active lifestyle could reduce a person’s risk of obesity by 40%.

If you could not help but eat those extra servings of sweets, then you should find a way to get rid of the extra calories through physical activities, such as exercise.

Most vegetables and fruits have fewer calories.

You could also eat more of vegetables and fruits, because they have fewer calories. They also contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Aside from these healthy substances, they are also rich in fibers, and have anti-toxin properties.

If you could not burn excess calories, you can stay naturally thin by limiting your intake of carbohydrate and fats, and increasing your vegetable and fruit servings.

You could refer to a food calorie counter, and a calorie burn calculator to determine if the calories you took in have been properly eliminated.

Remember, the secret formula is to burn off the calories you have taken in so that these would not be stored as fat deposits, which could cause obesity.

If you have inevitably eaten more that you should, then you just have to reduce your intake of food the next day, and exercise more. Keeping these facts in mind, and leading a healthy lifestyle would help you achieve your goal of being naturally thin.

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