How to get other Companies to Comply with your Company Policy

How to get other Companies to Comply with your Company Policy

Making other companies comply with your company policy can be a daunting task if you do not know the basic steps in allowing them to do so. To help you with this seemingly Herculean task, here are recommended methods you can employ.

How to get other Companies to Comply with your Company Policy
How to get other Companies to Comply with your Company Policy; Image credit:

Step #1 – State your objectives clearly

This is a crucial first step that you should do. Other companies will not comply if they are not aware why you are establishing that policy. Your company would create policies, which are for the common good of the majority of people concerned, so allowing other companies to understand this would make them more amenable to complying with it.

Step #2 – Inform them of what they can get from complying

“What’s in it for me?” is a question that is almost always asked when you let someone comply with anything. It is human nature that people would want to know what they get from complying. You can cite moral, intellectual or financial benefits, if applicable.

If not, then you can always say that, you would comply with their policy, as well, if it is not detrimental to your goals. Since majority of the policies of businesses are optimistic in nature, you would surely find the arrangement beneficial to both.

Step #3 – Hold a dialogue with the heads of the company

You can also request a dialogue with top management, than squabbling with employees. Holding a dialogue with the top managers of other companies would ensure them that you value their inputs and would be more cooperative. You can also do some brainstorming with them if you want. It is up to the specific policy concerned.

Step #4 – Let them know that there are corresponding sanctions to non-compliance

If the first three steps fail, then you can always inform the companies that corresponding sanctions are recommended for non-compliance; that they do not have any alternative but to comply with your company policy. You have to use your common sense whether to use the final step or not.

When you have done the first three steps properly, then there is no use for the last step. They can always learn about the sanctions in your circulars or news boards.

Getting other companies to comply with your company policy is relatively easy as long as you have a positive mind-set and you know how to show the other companies that you value them and what they stand for.

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