X Factor UK 2012 Finale Features Top 3 Duets with Mentors, Nicole’s Mic Stopped Working, Top 13 (Rylan Clark) Performs Gangnam Style

The Top 3 X Factor UK contenders would sing two songs, one solo, and one with their mentors. How would the contestants fare with their mentors?

The X Factor UK 2012 Finale features the Top 13 performing a medley of songs, which include “Gangnam Style”, ”Read All About It,” “Titanium,” “Payphone,” and “Spectrum.”

James Arthur
James Arthur

A question was asked by one of the fans, “Would Louis Walsh sing if Union J got through?” That’s an interesting question. Would he indeed?

Jahmene Douglas sings “Move On Up” and a duet with his mentor Gary Barlow.

Christopher Maloney would surely render a sassy performance with the song “Flashdance” What a Feeling.”  A duet with mentor Nicole Scherzinger follows.

When Nicole Scherzinger and Jahmene performed their duet, Nicole’s microphone had stopped working at the middle of their performance. She was visibly irked, dumping the useless mic on the floor.  She had to snatch the phone from Jahmene when it was time for her to sing. They shared one mic at the end, belting the last lines of “The Greatest Love of All.” No one would blame her if she was in a rage after the performance.

Judge and crowd favorite James Arthur performs “Feeling Good“, and a duet with Judge Nicole Scherzinger, which fans expect as the highlight of the Performance Show.

James Arthur‘s unique, oozing-with-sex-appeal voice is a predicted winner of the X Factor UK show, but no one can say for sure.

The celebrity guests are Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora and Kelly Clarkson.

On December 9, X Factor UK 2012 Coronation Night, Rihanna, One Direction and Emile Sande would also perform.

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