X Factor Philippines Voting System: Is It Effective?

The X Factor Philippines TV Show Voting System could be done several ways; through online voting or through cell phone voting. There are no complaints so far about either methods, like, repeated unsuccessful texting, or online registration problems, so it means the systems are working efficiently. These indicate that all votes are accepted as long as they are done within the window period.

Not all results though, are revealed. It is only when there is a deadlock between the two X Factor Philippines Bottom 2 contestants that the number of votes is disclosed.

The question is, “Why are the bottom 2 contestants inconsistent?” Except for Takeoff, who has been in the Bottom 2 twice, the rest have been inconsistent.

Are the numbers of fans of the X Factor contestants fluctuating? Hence, their votes are not consistent too? Or are the votes based on a contestant’s particular performance for the night? But there are instances that the other contestant performed better than the other, and yet the contender gets voted off.

What gives?

Anyone who could give a simple answer to the question is welcome.

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