X Factor Israel Update: Rose Fostanes Advances to Top 7 with “Born This Way”

X Factor Israel Update includes Rose Fostanes advancing to the Top 7 with her song, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on Saturday, September 28, 2013.

Last episode, Ben Golan and The Carakukli Sisters were eliminated from the Top 10 leaving 8 contestants to compete for this next round.

Rose Fostanes, the simple, insecure Filipino caregiver, is slowly being transformed into a confident, chic pop star. Her mentor, Shiri Maimon, openly expresses her love and genuine concern for Rose. Avishachar Jackson, the other X Factor Israel contestant that Shiri mentors, was eliminated.

Avishachar Jackson, Shiri Maimon and Rose Fostanes
Avishachar Jackson, Shiri Maimon and Rose Fostanes
Rose Fostanes Top 6 X Factor dec 28
Rose Fostanes, Image credit: X Factor Israel

Rose Fostanes revealed that people could recognize her now on the street and her growing popularity has helped her regain her self-confidence gradually.

All the contestants are strong contenders for the crown on the X Factor Israel show, but the following are considered forerunners: Rose Fostanes, Ori Shakiv, and Eden Ben Zaken. Avishachar Jackson and Fusion were in the Bottom 2, and Avishachar Jackson was eliminated.

Rose Fostanes sings “Born This Way””, Top 8 on X Factor UK Israel Live Shows

Video credit: The X Factor Israel /YouTube

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