X Factor Australia Live Shows: Pinoy, Cyrus Villanueva Sings to Justin Bieber’s Song, Advances to Top 11? Videos on YouTube Turn Viral

The X Factor Australia is on this Sunday, September 27, and fans can’t wait to know who would advance to Top 11. Pinoy, Cyrus Villanueva, has gained tremendous support for his bid to win the crown on X Factor because of his unique and incredible voice.


Cyrus Villanueva, Image credit: X Factor Australia


His audition video on YouTube is the second most viewed video in X Factor Australia 2015. His rendition of “Dancing on My Own” during the Boot camp’s Five Chair Challenge has also reached 1 million views in just 2 days.

From his official Twitter account Cyrus stated:

Cyrus ‏@cyrusvill Sep 25

“My rendition of @robynkonichiwa ‘Dancing On My Own’ has reached over 1Million views in 2 days! THANKYOU!”

Also, on Cyrus Villanueva’s Facebook page, this was posted:

“Bootcamps Five Chair Challenge is finished – and I’m through to the next round!

Thank you all for the comments and messages the past few days, you guys are the best!! Tune in tomorrow night when we fly to London.”

Cyrus Villanueva sang Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” this Sunday on X Factor. Here’s his comment on Twitter:



Watch Cyrus Villanueva’s audition on X Factor Australia. All videos are courtesy of X Factor Australia.

Watch Cyrus Villanueva perform during the Five Chair Challenge on X Factor Australia.

Watch Cyrus Villanueva perform Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” on X Factor Australia on its first Live Show. Video is courtesy of GymMuch.

You can vote for Cyrus Villanueva to advance to the next round by following these steps.


Cyrus Villanueva


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