Winner Prediction of American Idol 2015

The American Idol 2015 is coming to an end and the predicted winner is Clark Beckham! Not only is the handsome and humble contestant a favorite as seen in the previous public votes, but is also the most versatile and talented among the Top 4 American Idol contestants.

Clark Beckham, Image credit: American Idol

The next contestant in line is Jax Cole. Jax has a unique voice that makes her a stand out. She’s the only female in the Top 4, which includes Nick Fradiani and Rayvon Owen. She’s also a true musician; she can compose and play different musical instruments, just like Clark Beckham.

What makes Clark Beckham ahead is his passion in singing. He sings his heart out whenever he performs and his songs reach out to the audience in the most dramatic way.

Jax Cole and Clark Beckham will battle it out as the Top 2 American Idol 2015 contestants. May the best singer win.

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