Why Filipino TV Fans Love Korean Star Park Shin Hye

MANILA, Philippines – Why do Filipino TV fans love Korean star Park Shin Hye? There are various valid reasons why; perhaps, the same reasons why fans from other parts of the world love her, as well.

Park Shin Hye, 23, starred in “Stairway to Heaven”, “Heartstrings“, and more TV series that Pinoy fans find entertaining and heartwarming.

Incidentally, Shin Hye arrived in the Philippines last Friday, March 15, to meet her Pinoy fans. She is also a singer and a dancer, and has surely shown these talents to her fans- as she promised- today, March 16.

Park Shin Hye, Image credit: acrofan, en.wikipedia,org

Park Shin Hye guested in local TV programs to express her gratitude to her Filipino fans. Reportedly, she was nearly in tears when she saw her fans patiently waiting for her at the airport. She could not speak English or Tagalog, but through an interpreter, she was able to invite her fans for a meet-up.

Her next series, which her fans are excited about, is a romantic comedy with another TV favorite, Yoon Kye Sang. The two have, undoubtedly, a chemistry that the director, Kim Ji Woon , find worth exploring.

Park Shin Hye had also starred in popular films like “Evil Twin” and “Miracle in Cell No. 7.” She has won Best Actress in a One-Act Special in “Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost” from the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Drama Awards.

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