When Love Transcends Borders: Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra Got Engaged to American Singer-Actor Nick Jonas

Indeed, love transcends all borders as Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra got engaged to her American beau, singer Nick Jonas on August 18, 2018, Saturday in Mumbai.

Jonas and his family went to India where they celebrated the couple’s engagement the traditional Indian way.

This is called the “Roka” ceremony, where both families of the couples gather and get to know each other. The ritual that marks them as engaged couples is done by a priest, who prays and blesses the couple. Gifts are exchanged too as a symbol of the engagement.

Indian culture is rich and it’s heartwarming that Nick loves Priyanka so much that he was willing to participate in performing what her culture and traditions dictate.

The whirlwind romance was, at first, thought to be a passing ‘fad’, but it turns out, they were so in love with each other. Despite the age gap (Jonas is 25 and Chopra is 36), the two appear to be getting along very well.

Here are some reactions of their fans on Twitter.

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