Watch Vhong Navarro’s Return to a Tearful Episode of “It’s Showtime”

MANILA, PhilippinesVhong Navarro returns to “It’s Showtime”, and the show was flooded with tears as the actor TV host tearfully expressed his gratitude to fans, friends and fellow artists. He said that they made him truly feel a “kapamilya” (part of the family)- the TV network’s slogan.

Ann-Curtis-Vhong Navarro It's Showtime
Ann Curtis and Vhong Navarro in It’s Showtime

Vhong’s co-host, Anne Curtis, also cried while welcoming him, openly admitting that he was her partner forever, and no one else. There was complete silence in the TV studio when Vhong explained how it was difficult for him to be strong with all the controversies that assailed him, and that all the love and support he got has made him stronger; he was accused of raping two women on separate occasions.

Vhong Navarro was able to crack a joke, however, in spite of his tears, saying thank you to the surgeon who operated on his nose because it is still the same. “Hindi raw bagay sa akin ang matangos na ilong.” (A straight nose is not suitable for me) One of Vhong Navarro’s unique facial features that had set him apart from the other showbiz personalities is his typical ‘Pinoy’ nose; it is not so pointed.

Vhong Navarro’s case is still ongoing and public sympathy is with him as the two women, Deniece Cornejo and Roxanne Cabanero have reportedly changed their original statements.

Watch the video of Vhong Navarro’s tearful return to “It’s Showtime” courtesy of ABS-CBN.

Vhong Navarro returns to “It’s Showtime”

Video credit: ABS-CBN Online/YouTube

Vhong Navarro returns to “It’s Showtime”

Video credit: ABS-CBN Online/YouTube

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