WATCH: Recap of ALDUB’s Tamang Panahon at the Philippine Arena, a Resounding Success

MANILA, Philippines – The most exciting event of the decade in the Philippine entertainment industry, ALDUB’s Tamang Panahon, has finally happened with 55,000 screaming fans at the Philippine Arena, and it was a phenomenal success.


ALDUB fans outside the Philippine Arena
ALDUB fans outside the Philippine Arena


The great expectations of the ALDUB Nation were all fulfilled by their idols, Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. Reportedly, the screams of the thousands of fans brought goosebumps.


Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza


Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in a tight embrace


The couple did not disappoint. Everyone went home teary-eyed but satisfied and ultimately happy.

It’s apparent that whoever directed the event was a genius! The various parts of the program were beautifully executed – even camera angles were perfect and captured at the right moment.

Livestreaming was provided by GMA7 for free through YouTube for ALDUB fans abroad. It’s indeed not only a local phenomenon but a global one, as well.

When the ALDUB couple finally embrace and held hands, the arena thundered with applause and joy. For three months, the love birds were not allowed to embrace each other, hold hands or speak at length, and this event has made the dream of fans come true.

Tickets for the Tamang Panahon event was sold out in less than 2 days, as ALDUB fans trooped to buy their tickets.

The event made history:

1. It broke the Twitter World Record of the most tweets for an event. Tamang Panahon generated 39,430,893 million tweets against the previous record of 35.6 million.

2. It’s the first time that a noontime show was able to fill the 55,000 seats to the till.

3. It’s the first time that Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza held hands and hugged.

4. It’s the first time that the couple dubsmashed as they stand alongside each other in person.

5. International singers, Dawin and Bryan White participated on Twitter to support ALDUB’s Tamang Panahon event. Their songs were part of the dubsmash list of ALDUB. Local singers, who have songs dubsmashed by the couple, performed during the event too.

There were no commercial breaks, so Eat Bulaga provided non-stop entertainment and surprises to the delight of the thousands of fans.

The proceeds of the show will be used to build school libraries for elementary schools all over the country.

Meanwhile, Vice Ganda, the TV host of its purported rival show, “It’s Showtime”, has admitted on national television that contrary to people’s assumption, they were not competing with Eat Bulaga. They were only there “To make people happy.”

Vice Ganda further stressed in not so many words that they cannot compete with a gigantic show like Eat Bulaga, which is already an institution in itself. She also acknowledged that Eat Bulaga’s TV hosts were their idols, warning warring fans that they should stop because the TV hosts themselves are not in a fight with the other station’s TV hosts.

Watch the video below of the whole ALDUB’s Tamang Panahon. Video is courtesy of WHITEDOVEHEAD.


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