Watch: Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, Performs “Stand by You” on Top 3 of X Factor Australia

Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, has advanced to the Grand Finals or Top 3 on the X Factor Australia singing competition. Marlisa is only 15 years old and is the only Filipino in the competition.

Marlisa Punzalan, Image credit: X Factor Australia

Her coach, Ronan Keating, has high hope she would win the reality singing competition. The X Factor Australia judges were all praises for Marlisa. She was given a standing ovation. Marlisa’s song “Stand by You” is expected to be a hit.

Redfoo can’t help but say: “I think you got yourself a hit there. You got a hit, little lady. Now all you need to do is win this thing.”

The most touching comment came from Marlisa Punzalan’s coach. Ronan Keating said:

“Who you are is very endearing…Right now, it’s about authenticity…you’re not affected by the bright lights and the fame of this show…They say good guys, or good girls, finish last. I don’t believe that. I hope that’s not the way it’s gonna be tonight. If this is my last year on the show, I hope I can leave with a worthy winner, you. Well done.”

The Top 3 Grand Finals contestants are:

Dean Ray
Marlisa Punzalan

Watch the video of Marlisa Punzalan singing her first single “Stand by You”, courtesy of J!MZ07.

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