Watch First Live Show of Rose Fostanes, Pinay Caregiver, on X Factor Israel; She Nailed “Beautiful”; Judge Rami Fortis Says “I Love You”

The First Live Show on TV of Pinay Caregiver, Rose Fostanes, as one of the Top 12 on X Factor Israel has been a resounding success – Rose nailed the song, “Beautiful”, and was the only Standing Ovation from the 4 Judges. Ivri Lider stated that she was, most probably, the best singer in the competition. Rami Fortis could not help but exclaim: “You are beautiful. I love you.”

Rose Fostanes on X Factor Israel live shows

Some of the Top 12 sang English songs such as “Listen”, and “This Girl is on Fire.”

Rose Fostanes and Mentor Shiri Maimon on X Factor Israel

X Factor Israel 2013 judges Shiri Maimon, Rami Fortis, Moshe Peretz, and Ivri Lider were all

The Top 12 X Factor contestants and their teams are:

Team Rami Fortis (Girls)

  • Inbal Bibi
  • Tamar Friedman
  • Eden ben zaken

Team Shiri Maimon (Over 25)

  • Rose Fostanes
  • Avishachr Jackson
  • Neta Red

Team Ivri Lider

  • Fusion
  • The Agami Brothers
  • The Crkokli Sisters

Team Moshe Peretz (Boys)

  • Uri Shakib
  • Yahav Tavasi
  • Ben Golan

Who would be voted out tomorrow? Who would go home on X Factor Israel 2013? The gorgeous Shiri Maimon, the dashing Moshe Peretz, and the rest of the judges would surely mentor the contenders to extract the best from them.

After the performances, Rose Fostanes was among the 11 contestants who were voted to proceed to the next X Factor Israel 2013 Live Show.

Check back later for updates.

Rose Fostanes sings “Beautiful”, Top 12 on X Factor UK Israel Live Shows

Video credit: The X Factor Israel /YouTube

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