Watch: Filipino Group 4th Impact Nails “Sound of The Underground” on X Factor UK 2015 2nd Live Shows (Video)

The Filipino group 4th Impact nails a mashup of “Sound Of The Underground” and “The Clapping Sound” by Girls Aloud / Shirley Ellison on X Factor UK 2015, on its 2nd Live Shows last Saturday, November 7, 2015. The theme of the week was “Reinventions.”


4th Power on X Factor UK 2015
4th Power on X Factor UK 2015


“Sound Of The Underground” and “The Clapping Sound” was covered by their mentor Cheryl Versini Fernandez.

Here’s Simon Cowell’s comment:

“It was fantastic. I think I would have chosen Boom Clap as it would have been a better song. Apart from that, I thought it was a bit narcissistic to choose your own song for the girls.” Simon was referring to 4th Impact’s mentor, Cheryl. “I thought you looked better than last week, vocals great, harmonies great. You’re a band who I know rehearse like crazy and are ready for the real world.”

The rest of the X Factor UK judges were also all praises for the group with Nick Grimshaw disagreeing with Simon, saying that the song choice worked to 4th Impact’s advantage.

Below is the video of 4th Impact’s performance on X Factor’s 2nd Live Show. Video is courtesy of whong69.

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