Watch: Filipina, Mary Ann Van Der Horst, Receives Standing Ovation on X Factor Australia 2014 for “Halo”; Gets a Hug from Ronan Keating

A Filipina, Mary Ann Van Der Horst, has received a standing ovation on the X Factor Australia auditions for her performance of Beyonce’s “Halo”. She also got a kiss from Judge Ronan Keating after all four judges voted “Yes”; she asked the famous singer if she could get a kiss, and she did, with a hug, as well.

Mary Ann Van Der Horst revealed that she met her husband through Facebook. Ronan Keating’s facial expression displayed disinterest, at first, but when Mary Ann sang, he said: “I was not expecting this.”


X_Factor_Australia_Mary_Ann_Van Der_Horst
Image credit: X Factor Australia


The X Factor Australia judges’ comments and reactions were heartwarming for Mary Ann:

“That was spectacular!”

“It was brilliant! I love it.”

“It was incredible to watch.”

Mary Ann received 4 ‘humongous “Yesses.”

On Mary Ann’s Facebook Page she posted her appreciation of her fans:

“The biggest competition I’ve ever had and just for the nicest comments that I am receiving from all of my supporters, win or lose, I can say that “I am already a winner!” because of all the LOVE and support from you guys.”

Mary Ann Van Der Vorst
Mary Ann Van Der Vorst, Image credit: Mary Ann Facebook page

Watch Mary Ann Van Der Horst’s performance of “Halo” on the 2014 X Factor Australia auditions.

Mary Ann Van Der Horst on X Factor Australia

Video credit: J1MZO7 /YouTube

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