Watch: Cyrus Villanueva Advances to Top 5 on The X Factor Australia; Performs “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” on Live Show 6

Filipino-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva has advanced to next round as one of the Top 5 acts on 2015 X Factor Australia. He performed Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” on the Live Show 6, and he killed it.


Cyrus Villanueva performs “Knocking on Heaven's Door” on the X Factor Australia Live Show
Cyrus Villanueva performs “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” on the 2015 X Factor Australia Live Show


His own version of the song impressed the audience and the judges, allowing him to advance to the next round of the competition. The YouTube video of the song has already an impressive 107,663 views to date, and still counting. It’s -so far- the most viewed among the X Factor Australia acts for the week.

Natalie Conway was eliminated after the result of the public votes was used because there was a tie in the judges’ votes.

• Minogue voted for Mahalia Simpson
• Blunt voted for Natalie Conway
• Isaak voted for Mahalia Simpson
• Sebastian voted for Natalie Conway

The remaining Top 5 acts on the X Factor Australia 2015 show are:

1. Cyrus Villanueva
2. Big T
3. Louise Adams
4. Jess & Matt
5. Mahalia Simpson

Who will make it to the X Factor Australia Finale?

Check back later for updates.

Watch Cyrus Villanueva performing “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” on the X Factor Australia Live Show. Video is courtesy of X Factor Australia.


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