Watch: Celina Fainted but Filipino Group 4th Impact Still Smashed Beyonce’s “Work It Out” on X Factor UK Anyhow (Comments and Video)

The Filipino Group 4th Impact did it again with a perfect smashing rendition of Beyonce’s “Work It Out”, despite one of the sisters, Celina’s fainting spell backstage 5 minutes before their performance.


4th Impact Work it Out nov 14
4th Impact performs Beyonce’s “Work it Out”


Their mentor Cheryl suggested that they can just show the dressroom tapes but the group opted to perform like professionals. Celina , 18, is the youngest of the sisters. The members of the group are Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina.

They were awarded a standing ovation after their rousing performance of “Work it Out”, but Celina was allowed to sit quickly because she was still feeling dizzy.

X Factor UK judge, Simon Cowell, expressed her admiration of the Pinoy group:

“I think we should make it very quick, babe, okay, because of what you’ve been through… All I’m gonna tell you is, I’ve done this a lot of years, that was under circumstances, one of the most incredible things we’ve seen on this show, unbelievable. ..You do actually forget… what happened to you this day…I believe you’re outstandingly good and I hope you’re ok.”

Nick Grimshaw’s comment:

“Girls, it was outstanding, like Beyonce is a perfectionist, and that was perfect. It really, really was. You seem a lot more grown up tonight. You grew into women before our eyes tonight…I love it, it’s really great.”

Rita Ora’s comment:

“4th Impact that was for me a really inspiring performance. You reminded me of something that you just see so much hunger in your eyes, and people couldn’t see behind the scenes just how hard you work and rehearse, and I heard you breathe this. It just shows, and it really pays off and you really were heroes tonight. Well done.”

4th Impact’s mentor, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was proud of the professionalism of the group.

Her comment:

“You know Celina, I’m so proud of all of you four girls for getting up from bed tonight under those circumstances. You didn’t have to. You had the opportunity to use the dress room tapes you said no – absolutely not, we are here. That is what stars do. We suffer things like these; sore throats, lose your voice. You know these things that you have to just do and you girls broke out tonight without having professional experience… that shows what you girls can do… “

4th Impact fans trooped to Beyonce’s Twitter account to inform her of the groups perfect performance. Queen Bey has yet to react to the tweets.

Watch the Beyonce performance of 4th Impact on X Factor UK on November 14, 2015. Video is courtesy of Dirk Baeten.

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