Watch: ALDUB Dubsmashed Guy and Pip; the New Generation’s Guy and Pip – Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza

The ALDUB tandem has dubsmashed another phenomenal love team in the 1970s, Guy and Pip and it was a poignant and fun episode – even Maria Leonora Theresa was there (the popular doll of Guy and Pip). The Guy and Pip love team had also the mass appeal that the AL-Dub pair is enjoying now.


ALDUB impersonates Guy and Pip
Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza impersonates Guy and Pip, Image credit: Alden IG


Although, Twitter was not still in the picture, Guy (Nora Aunor) and Pip (Tirso Cruz III) had immense popularity that all their movies were blockbusters and any magazine that had their pictures featured sold like hot cakes. They also had platinum records that pervaded radio air waves.


Guy (Nora Aunor) and Pip (Tirso Cruz III)
Guy (Nora Aunor) and Pip (Tirso Cruz III)


Eventually, Nora Aunor became the one and only Superstar of Philippine cinema and is a multi-awarded actress in the Philippines and abroad, while Tirso Cruz III married a non-showbiz personality and led a happy family life.


Thy Womb Nora Aunor
Nora Aunor in international award winning film “Thy Womb”, Image credit: ‘Thy Womb”


Below is the video of Guy and Pip (Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III) in a scene from the top grosser of the 1971 Manila Filmfest, Guy & Pip. Guy and Pip are in their early 60s now but they still have diehard fans, who admire them tremendously. Video is courtesy of pinoymovies.



Video courtesy of Starstruck



Onan dlanor shared the video entitled: The Phenomenal Superstardom of Nora Aunor and stated:

“This video show why NORA AUNOR is the only SUPERSTAR of the Philippine Cinema and how GUY & PIP love team was such Phenomenal.”



It can be concluded that this new Generation’s Guy and Pip are Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (ALDUB).

Watch the video below of ALDUB’s impersonation of Guy and Pip. Video is courtesy of GMA7 via WHITEDOVE HD.

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