Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Makes the Cut for People’s Magazine’s Sexiest Men for 2013

Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, 44, makes the cut for People’s Magazine’s Sexiest Men for 2013. He expressed his surprise at being called ‘sexy’; his role as Daryl Dixon in “Walking Dead” forced him to be unkempt and untidy.

His ‘manliness’ and oozing sex appeal, however, have shone through the character that he plays. Daryl Dixon has strength of character, is compassionate, kind, loyal and responsible. So, his title as one of People Magazine’s sexiest man alive for 2013 is fitting.

Daryl and Rick in “Walking Dead

In this regard, Andrew Lincoln, as Rick Grimes, could also be considered as sexy because of how he sticks to decisions, which are difficult but necessary. He has his issues, but in the end, he deals with each problem bravely and intelligently.

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are two sexy characters in “Walking Dead” that fans could relate to; in person Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are equally hot as well.

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