V of BTS_Serena_Göransson

V of BTS and Serena McKinney Göransson, Wife of Grammy Winner, Ludwig, Pose for an Iconic Photo

V of BTS and Serena McKinney Göransson, wife of Grammy winner, Ludwig Göransson posed for a quick photo, when the members of the most famous band in the world were going back to their seats. The photo was captured by Ludwig Göransson himself, and has gone viral on Instagram and Twitter.

V of BTS_Serena_Göransson
V of BTS and Serena Göransson, Inage credit: Serena Göransson

In a fan’s video, one can see how Serena tapped V’s shoulder so she could pose with him for a quick photo. She then posted this in her Instagram account.

Her husband, Ludwig Göransson, broke a Grammy record by becoming the first artist to win “Song of the Year” and “Best Score Soundtrack” in different music genres. This was for the “Black Panther” score and for the “Childish Gambino” song “This is America”.

Perhaps, BTS can collaborate with this talented Swedish composer in the future?

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton has also teased fans about a possible collaboration with BTS, after she watched them jamming to her “Jolene” song. BTS singing country music with the Country Music Goddess would be a blast for sure.

This demonstrates how the Bangtan Boys have become so popular even with their international colleagues within the music industry.


And as the BTS’ leader, RM, has stated emphatically, “We will be back!”, fans would be waiting indeed, for that phenomenal comeback.

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