Updates: Rose Fostanes’ New, Swanky Look; Latest Video Features Her Way to the Live Shows on X Factor Israel

Rose Fostanes, the Filipino caregiver, who made it to the Top 12 Live Shows of X Factor Israel, has a new video, which features her way to the Live Shows and a new, swanky look. Featured in the video were her first audition, her boot camp, and Judges’ House performances. X Factor Israel has uploaded it last December 14, 2013, but it has already more than 4,000 views, to date.

Rose Fostanes, her new look on X Factor Israel, Top 12

Rose Fostanes‘ video is expected to earn more hits because the Pinay caregiver-singer is supported wholeheartedly by her “kababayans” (countrymen).

Rose was accorded a standing ovation by the four judges, Shiri Maimon, Moshe Peretz, Ivri Lider and Rami Fortis when she sang “This is my Life” during the auditions. Her fellow contestants gave her a standing ovation, also, when she crooned “You and I” during the next elimination round.

From there, she continued to earn the admiration of the judges and fellow contestants, until she reached the Final 12 X Factor Israel stage. The gorgeous pop singer, Shiri Maimon, is Rose Fostanes’ mentor. Shiri had always expressed her admiration for Rose, saying she sang perfectly and that she loves her.

Judge-Mentor Shiri Maimon on X Factor Israel

Rose Fostanes, on the other hand, had always expressed her insecurity, revealing in a conversation with another contender that sometimes, even when someone said that she had a good voice, she did not believe them.

She was in tears, and was incredulous when Shiri told her she was in her final 3. She promised Shiri Maimon that she would prove to her that she did not commit a mistake when she chose her to proceed to the X Factor Israel Live Shows.

Rose Fostanes & Shiri Maimon on X Factor Israel, All Images’ credit: X Factor Israel

The other contestants who made it to the Live Shows are:

Team Shiri Maimon (Over 25)

  • Rose Fostanes
  • Avishachr Jackson
  • Neta Red

Team Moshe Peretz (Boys)

  • Uri Shakib
  • Yahav Tavasi
  • Ben Golan

Team Ivri Lider (Groups)

  • Fusion
  • The Agami Brothers
  • The Crkokli Sisters

Team Rami Fortis (Girls)

  • Inbal Bibi
  • Tamar Friedman
  • Eden ben zaken

Thank you, Shiri Maimon, for believing in the talent of Rose Fostanes. Filipinos around the world would be cheering for both of you as you journey through the X Factor’s 2013 Live Shows.

Rose Fostanes, her way to the X Factor UK Israel Live Shows

Video credit: The X Factor Israel /YouTube

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