U.S. Women’s Gymnasts, Fab Five, Win Gold at the London Olympics, Phillip Phillips’ “Home” Featured as Theme Song (Video)

The U.S. women’s gymnasts, popularly known as “Fab Five,” won the gold at the 2012 London Olympics; the second gold medal for the U.S. in gymnastics. The last time the U.S. team won the gold was 16 years ago, in 1996.

Phillip Phillips’ coronation song “Home” was featured as the theme song of the “Fab Five.

” Reportedly, “Home” became #1 on the iTunes chart, boosted by its worldwide exposure.

”The Fab Five”
Image Credit: London Olympics/The503Zone

The “Fab Five” or “Fierce Five” is composed of team members:

Jordyn Wieber

Kyla Ross

Gabrielle Douglas

Alexandra Raisman

McKayla Maroney

Below is the YouTube video of the “Fab Five” with Phillip Phillips’Home.

”Fab Five” London Olympics with Phillip Phillip’s “Home”

Video credit: The503Zone/YouTube

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