Tyanna Jones Eliminated on American Idol Top 4 Results; Was the Wrong Contestant Sent Home?

It was apparent that many fans were dismayed when Tyanna Jones was sent home this week. Tyanna has brought her powerful voice and classy performances to the competition during the past weeks.


Clark Beckham, Image credit: American Idol


The remaining Top 4 American Idol contestants, however, are equally talented, namely: Clark Beckham, Jax Cole, Nick Fradiani and Rayvon Owen. Based on the reactions of Netizens, the favorites are Clark Beckham and Jax Cole. If the longtime trend of winners on AI 2015 carries on – the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) – Clark Beckham can end up the winner.

The Top 4 American Idol 2015 contenders will visit their hometowns for a tour; Clark Beckham will tour Nashville; Jax Cole will visit Manhattan; Rayvon Owen will perform before a Turnpike Richmond audience, and Nick Fradiani will tour Guilford Connecticut. They will surely enjoy their tours in their own hometowns.

Who will be sent home next week? The prediction is Rayvon Owen. Check back next week for more updates about the Top 3 contestants of the 2015 American Idol singing competition.

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