Two Out of Three Fil-Am Entries Eliminated from the Top 20 American Idol 2013 Contestants; Charlie Askew Rocks

Out of the three (3) Fil-Am contestants who joined the American Idol season 12 auditions, only one remains as a contender and included in the Top 20 American Idol 2013 contestants.

The lone contender is Adriana Latonio; Jett Hermano and Bryant Tadeo were eliminated this week during the sudden death eliminations.

Adriana Latonio, Image credit: American Idol

Only 20 contestants are left to proceed to the next round of eliminations. The complete list of the Top 20 American Idol contestants was released, and there were some shocked eliminations, namely, Bryant Tadeo, Johnny Keyser, and Gurpreet Singh Sarin.

For the girls, there were also some contestants who were early favorites by TV viewers, but were eliminated too, namely, Shubha Vedula, and Jett Hermano.

Soon, the live TV shows would commence and the voting public would be responsible in retaining or eliminating contestants. It would be exciting to watch the live performances with the contestants’ unique voices.

It is interesting to note that the contestants who seemed to receive lots of applause from viewers are two of Nicki Minaj’s favorites, Charlie Askew and Curtis Finch Jr.

One of the surprise girl contestants who made it to Top 20 is Zoanette Johnson, based on voice quality, there were equally good voices who could have made it through, but the judges agreed that she deserves to advance in the competition.

Predicted to be in the Top 10 of the American Idol 2013 contest are:

  1. Curtis Finch Jr.
  2. Charlie Askew
  3. Devin Velez
  4. Paul Jolley
  5. Angele Miller
  6. Kree Harrison
  7. Candice Glover
  8. Nick Boddington
  9. Adriana Latonio
  10. Janelle Arthur

Curtis Finch Jr. has an amazing voice with an incredible range of pitch, while Charlie Askew is a refreshing and entertaining performer, who rocks the stage with ease and genuine talent. Charlie can also play various instruments, such as, the guitar, the piano, and more. He also marks his songs with his own originality, ingenuity and magic.

The American Idol season 12 would be a superb season to look forward to. Brace yourselves for a thrilling ride.

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