TV Host Alyssa Alano Clarifies What Happened during Her Car Accident

MANILA, Philippines – TV Host-actress, Alyssa Alano, was able to clarify and explain what happened during her car accident as recounted to Butch Francisco’s Star Talk, this Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Alyssa Alano, 25, is of Filipino-Spanish-Australian descent, who grew up in Australia, and was a former member of the popular dancing group, VIVA Hot Babes.

In an interview conducted by Butch Francisco, Alyssa Alano revealed that she was experiencing stomach aches, and that she had to go out and buy some medicine.

Alyssa Alano
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By the time she was interviewed by Butch Francisco, she was apparently feeling better, as she herself clarified that she was forced to go out and buy the medicine because there was no one she could ask for help from, at such an unholy hour.

Alyssa further explained that the headlights of incoming cars blinded her as well, and her air bag didn’t work when her car crashed and flipped in the air.

Alyssa figured in a car accident last Sunday in Marikina City, along the Marcos Highway, at about 4 a.m. Reportedly, a big tube from the concrete barrier pierced Alyssa’s abdomen through and through, when her car hit the barrier.

Luckily, the “tube” has not pierced her stomach preventing serious injury and most probably death.

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