Top 5 American Idol 2015 Prediction: Who Goes Home Tonight?

The Top 5 American Idol 2015 predictions may seem obvious but it’s actually difficult to predict who goes home tonight because of the immense talent of the Top 6 contestants.


Top 6 American Idol 2015, Image credit: AI


Among the American Idol 2015 Top 6 contestants that include the following:

1. Jax Cole
2. Rayvon Owen
3. Clark Beckham
4. Quentin Alexander
5. Tyanna Jones
6. Nick Fradiani Jr.

And, the prediction for the Bottom 2 contestants on American Idol 2015:

1. Rayvon Owen
2. Quentin Alexander

For the Idol Fan Save, it’s Rayvon Owen who would be most probably saved, leaving Quentin Alexander on the chopping block.

Check back later for the actual results of the Top 5 American Idol 2015. Let’s see if the predictions are correct.

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