Top 4 American Idol: Jessica Says No Katy Perry Song for Her; Hollie to Sing Two Emotional Songs

MTV disclosed May 9, an interview with the Top 4 American Idol 2012 Hopefuls, who gave their fans an idea of what they would be singing tonight.

Jessica Sanchez revealed that there will be no current song, like a Katy Perry song for her, but two “big” songs from the big guns.

Just a guess, perhaps these songs may be from legendary singers like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson?

Meanwhile, Hollie Cavanagh also said that she will be singing two emotional songs, and hoped that America will feel her emotions too. She stated further that her songs are popular songs and she hope she’d get the message across.

Phillip Phillips said the “California Dreamin theme was a challenge for him and that his song is a “run-on “song.

Joshua Ledet revealed that this song choice was “very, very different for him.”

“It’s not too much of the huge ballad… and hopefully, America likes it.”

All of the Top 4 American Idol 2012 contenders agreed that the theme provides a tough list to select from, but everyone is ready to give the audience an amazing show on May 9.

Here are the Top 4 Final Songs for “California Dreamin” theme.

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