Top 10 American Idol 2013 Boys Perform for a slot in the Overall Top 10 Contestants

The Top 10 American Idol 2013 boys perform for a slot for the Overall Top 10 contestants this March 6, 2013.

Last week, excellent singers such as Bryant Tadeo, Johnny Keyser, and Gurpreet Singh Sarin, were eliminated. Would there be a wild card for American Idol 2013? Apparently, there would not be one, but some viewers are still hoping for that wild card.

Johnny Keyser, Image credit: American Idol

The Top 10 American Idol boys, who would perform on March 6, 2013, are the following:

  • Nick Boddington
  • Burnell Taylor
  • Cortez Shaw
  • Lazaro Arbos
  • Vincent Powell
  • Devin Velez
  • Curtis Finch Jr.
  • Paul Jolley
  • Charlie Askew
  • Elijah Liu

Who would make it as Top 5 boys or Top 10 American Idol 2013 contestants?  Check back for further details as the show proceeds. Meanwhile, if you would like to know How to Vote on American Idol, you can learn about the mechanics.

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