Thia Megia Sings Tinkerbell’s “We’ll Be There” in the “Secret of the Wings” Film (Video)

Thia Megia sings Tinkerbell’s “We’ll Be There” in the new Disney movie, “Secret of the Wings”. Thia Megia was the 11th placer in the American Idol season 10 singing competition, where Scotty McCreery won.

Thia Megia, 17, is personally acquainted with Jessica Sanchez, the runner-up for season 11. Phillip Phillips won the competition.

Thia Megia and Jessica Sanchez are both of Filipino descent. They were also part of the group of singers who participated in a video for Haitians during the 2010 earthquake.

While Jessica Sanchez was officially included in Glee’s’ cast, Thia Megia’sWe’ll Be There” is expected to do well on Billboard charts.

Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Mclain Sisters, and Katherine McPhee have also songs in the soundtrack of Tinkerbell’s newest film, “Secret of the Wings.”

Below is the YouTube soundtrack of “We’ll Be There”, as sang by Thia Megia courtesy of bli38.

Thia Megia singing “We’ll Be There”

Video credit: bli38 /YouTube

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